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August ETF Roundup: Launches, Filings, And Closures

Carolyn Pairitz

The summer months might have seen low trading volumes in the stock markets, but the ever evolving ETP industry kept investors on their toes. August alone saw the end of more than a handful of products, but with the promise of many more to come this fall. 

Last month saw the beginning of five new ETFs that are focused on growing consumer interests: fixed income funds, access to new emerging markets and duplicating the results of hedge funds. Each fund introduced this month took one of these concepts to a new level, following the closing of a number of different offerings. Over25 ETFs were liquidated this month,  with the majority shutting down after failing to accumulate significant assets under management. On the other hand, 45 new ETFs were submitted to the SEC this month to fill this void in the market, with many of these new filings following the trends of the five most recently launched. Below, we outline all of the new launches from the month in addition to profiling exciting products to come [for updates on all new ETFs, sign up for the free ETFdb newsletter]:

New ETFs

New exchange-traded products that began trading in August include:

Coming Soon

August was an ETP filing frenzy, with over 45 new products being brought before the SEC for approval investors might want to start researching these products now so you can finish by the time they launch. The highlights include:

ETF Closings

Though the ETF industry saw a wave of filings, three companies have announced that they will close the doors on some of their ETFs, including FocusShares, which liquidated all of its positions last month.

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