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Aurizon sees Casa Berardi returning to historical production levels

With a year-end cash and cash equivalents balance of $204.2M together with strong operating cash flows, management of Aurizon expects that Aurizon will be able to fund the capital and exploration projects planned for 2013. Production performance at Casa Berardi was consistent with Aurizon's revised expectations for 2012 at 136,848 ounces. Aurizon is currently in a transition phase at Casa Berardi while it installs the required infrastructure to commence mining new areas east of the production shaft. These new mining areas will be the foundation of future underground production at Casa Berardi. The shaft sinking and lateral development out to the 118 and 123 Zones are in progress and the operation is expected to transition from the existing mining areas over the next 18 months. Management of Aurizon currently expects that Aurizon will be making a significant investment in Casa Berardi in 2013 in order to continue the development of the lower levels of the West Mine and secure a strong production profile into the future. Following the transition period, Aurizon expects that Casa Berardi will return to historical production levels.