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Austin Entrepreneur Launches New Premium HVAC Company

Controlling the harsh Texas climate has never been easier thanks to a new, family-owned, service-focused HVAC company in Austin

AUSTIN TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 7, 2017 / Air conditioning, heating, cooling, and refrigeration are essential to living in the unforgiving Austin, Texas climate. Lack of a properly functioning HVAC puts people with chronic breathing issues, the elderly, and small children at risk, especially in the summer, when temperatures soar and humidity rises.

Knowing just how critical heating, cooling, and refrigeration are in this area of the country is what prompted Austin entrepreneur Keating Kuhn and his father, Dave, to start a new HVAC company, Gold Eagle Services, to service the greater Austin area.

Dave admits that there are lots of Austin HVAC contractors, but both he and Keating felt they could create a company that did things more passionately, and which provided customers not only with maintenance and equipment, but with the knowledge that they need to keep their systems operating at 100% capacity for years to come.

"We are building a company where our goal is to create customers for life. Our other services are not simply "add-ons" but are designed to complement customers' HVAC systems and enhance their entire home environments. For example, we provide products and services to help homeowners in Austin dramatically improve the air quality of their homes," he said.

"At Gold Eagle Services, we never take for granted the trust that is placed in us. We want to contribute to our local community and not just be a company that pushes services or tries to up-sell. Our approach to sales is consultative. Our focus is to help a customer make the choice that feels right to them, even if that choice is to do nothing." Dave explained.

Keating believes that Gold Eagles Services' biggest impact will be as an agent of change in the Austin area. " We are more than a heating and cooling company we are a member of the community. We believe in the law of reciprocity and our team is committed to make a positive impact on others."

Recently, the pair traveled to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"Compared to the destruction visited on Houston, Austin came away with very minor damage. But after visiting Houston, we realized that this recent storm was anything but typical," said Dave.

"We have friends, relatives, and business associates in the Houston area. When the flooding began, we realized just how bad things were, and we really wanted to do something to help," he explained.

Keating Kuhn believes that assisting homeowners in the hardest hit areas of Houston by offering free inspections and discounted repair and maintenance has helped Gold Eagle Services grow as a company.

"We're a Texas-based company so it's the right thing to do to help our fellow Texans ease some of their pain and anxiety. Volunteering solidified our reputation as a family-owned business that values and cares about people," he says.

Contact Info:
Name: David Kuhn
Organization: Gold Eagle Services of Austin, Texas
Address: 100 Congress Avenue #2000
Phone: 512-489-GOLD (4653)

Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Z6koxRZhg

For more information, please visit http://www.goldeagleservices.com

SOURCE: Gold Eagle Services of Austin, Texas