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Australian Lead Generation Agency Reshapes Industry With an Innovative, Client-Focused System

·3 min read

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2020 / High-quality leads at cost-efficient strategies seem like a far-fetched idea. But Australian company Cobra Digital is reshaping the industry by providing innovative marketing solutions for the investment property sector. While lead generation appeared like a luxury before, the company has proved that there's a better, more effective performance-based approach for companies to achieve more visibility in the digital space.

Cobra Digital stirred the industry when it introduced a revolutionary lead generation game plan. The company utilizes technology to create a new experience for investment property clients. Home to some of the most seasoned in-house software engineers, web designers, and media buyers, the company maximizes the strengths of the digital space to build a competitive edge for their clients.

"We have an intimate understanding of what happens when you generate a lead. Combine that with the best technology available to target and filter those leads and that's how we provide people with a more stable and professional experience," shared Scheckter.

"It is common to hear horror stories where clients have spent thousands of dollars with no return, and no concern shown by the provider," Managing Director Reuben Scheckter. "Lead generation shouldn't operate like this. It's time for the industry to become more competitive and take a step up in terms of its credibility and deliverability," he added.

Additionally, Cobra Digital is known for its transparent process. "Clients are often backed into a corner because they don't have the technical knowledge to back up the feeling they have had a bad experience," said Scheckter. The company provides visibility, while other agencies often keep their process behind walls. Cobra Digital has developed a game-changing portal that provides a detailed outline of how the lead generation process works.

Furthermore, Cobra Digital wanted their clients to grasp the idea of lead generation fully. Companies are often intimidated by the idea of using the digital space to reach their audiences because they don't fully understand the process. The company's portal seeks to address its clients' dilemma through a detailed outline of how their lead generation process works, including a knowledge center with articles on key elements within the process.

Cobra Digital also gives clients constant access to see their lead generation performance in real-time, changing the time-consuming practice of sending spreadsheets to keep clients updated. Furthermore, clients can see the return of their investments as frequently as they want. "It's all about taking a stand for quality and transparency with fairer proces. Effective processes have reduced our cost base and we can pass those savings onto clients. Customised technology also enabled us to maximize the volume of consistent leads we can deliver daly," said Scheckter.

Cobra Digital also revolutionized funding in lead generation by focusing on campaigns that genuinely make a difference in their success. The company removed the fixed-price contracts and replaced them with a pay-per-lead system. "We have taken the opposite approach where clients only pay for leads, not the advertising campaigns to generate those leads. This allows us to deliver better ad performance because we can tweak campaigns on a dime due to the team of experts we have in place.

Over the years, Cobra Digital has generated over 13,175 investment property leads for one of their clients, Corbwood & Associates. With a peak volume of 90 leads per day, the company has broken records and uplifted their client's lead generation activity. Corbwood & Associates is just one of many other industry leaders who trust Cobra Digital for their unparalleled services. In total, the company has generated close to 250,000 quality leads for their clients this year.

Learn more about Cobra Digital on their website.

Company Name: Cobra Digital
Email: support@cobradigital.com.au
Phone Number: 07 3041 4158
Website: www.cobradigital.com.au

SOURCE: Cobra Digital

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