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The Author of Peter Saves Series - Books that Help Kids to Learn the Ropes of Finances - Donates any Income Generated from the Book to the Olivia Boccuzzi Foundation

Peter Saves books were inspired by the author's son.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 24, 2019 / Author Rosanna Guardavaccaro has published her second book in the Peter Saves series, Peter Takes the Train. Her first book, Peter Saves for a Rainy Day, was published in 2016. The books are called to teach children financial concepts in understandable language through storytelling.

In her work as a financial professional, Ms. Guardavaccaro has seen firsthand how difficult it is for adults who were never taught money management as children to become financially literate. She realized that children are capable of grasping financial concepts, just like learning their ABCs and 123s, when her then-six-year-old son, reiterated information he heard his mom tell clients, albeit in his limited vocabulary and from a child's perspective.

"My son said, ‘Mommy, I think I know what life insurance is. It's when someone passes away, and money goes to their family,' " Ms. Guardavaccaro remembered.

Her son, now eleven, now continues the journey to have a great understanding of the world of finance. Peter Takes the Train was literally written on the train from Brooklyn to Manhattan as Rosanna's son chatted with her about various financial ideas. Ms. Guardavaccaro scribbled notes on that day's edition of The Wall Street Journal, and her second book took shape. Ms. Guardavaccaro already has plans to publish the third book in the series, Peter Moves to the Big City, for junior high school students, which will focus on mortgages and debt.

Ms. Guardavaccaro believes that financial literacy is a priceless gift all parents should give their children and that children should learn the fine art of balancing saving and spending as soon as they're old enough to earn money. Peter Saves for a Rainy Day teaches first and second graders how income is divided: some go to pay bills, some are used to buy individual items and some are saved for the future. The book is also about "finding what you love to do," added Ms. Guardavaccaro.

Ms. Guardavaccaro's books have been approved by the New York State Education Department, and she hopes to see an entire curriculum developed around the concepts she writes about. " I can surely say that the greatest pleasure is seeing my knowledge empower people to help them make better choices and live more secure lives. "

She believes the financial themes she presents in her books are timeless: Be educated, and grow and protect your money. Because "money is . . . a universal language," Ms. Guardavaccaro said. " And holding kids' hands while guiding them through the adventures of finance has become the most exciting thing I have done so far".

The author will donate any income generated from the sale of her books to the Olivia Boccuzzi Foundation, which provides funds to "world-renowned hospitals and scientists actively researching cures for pediatric brain tumors."

Visit the author's website at www.petersaveschildrensbooks.com.


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SOURCE: Rosanna Guardavaccaro

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