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AUXILIO’s New Alliance Should Drive the Top-Line

By Ken Nagy, CFA

On July 1, 2013, AUXILIO, Inc., (AUXO) the Mission Viejo, California based Managed Print Services (MPS) company for the health care industry, entered into a strategic alliance with ARAMARK Healthcare Technologies.

The relationship will help offer the hospital partner an option to manage all print-related expenses and increase efficiency related to the production of documents, including: services, supplies, equipment, legacy service agreements, parts, finance charges and labor.

ARAMARK Healthcare Technologies is the leading independent provider of medical equipment management in North America, delivering integrated biomedical and diagnostic imaging service, as well as workforce and asset management, collaborative field operations and high-touch customer service. The company manages more than 500 healthcare organizations.

AUXILIO now operates on-site in 22 states throughout the nation representing more than 26,000 patient beds in over 80 hospitals, managing over 1.6 billion documents annually.

The company's on-site teams serve as a single point of access for the process of document production at its hospital customer locations, including: support and assistance for device supplies and repair, operating and networking functions, new device and deployment strategies and training.

As Hospitals and IT departments are pressured to further reduce cost and enhance efficiencies as well as act quickly on cost cutting measures to comply with these EHR (Electronic Health Records) mandates, it leads to shorter sales cycles for AUXILIO. Similarly, the continued trend of high levels of consolidation within the healthcare industry should work to the Company’s advantage. As healthcare systems consolidate and become larger, the need to streamline cost and increase efficiencies also grows, presenting a strong demand driver for AUXILIO’s MPS solutions.

The  joint marketing alliance between AUXILIO and Sodexo expired last month and both firms opted not to continue. The strategic relationship with Sodexo promoted AUXILIO’s managed print solutions and leveraged Sodexo’s customer pipeline. The partnership brought a handful of clients most notably Johns Hopkins.

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