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Auxilium expands license for cellulite treatment

MALVERN, Pa. (AP) -- Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Monday it expanded a licensing agreement for a potential cellulite treatment.

Auxilium said it will pay $500,000 to BioSpecifics Technologies Corp. The deal gives Auxilium the worldwide rights to research, develop, and sell its drug Xiaflex as a treatment for cellulite. Auxilium already sells Xiaflex as a treatment for a rare condition called Dupuytren's contracture, which causes the tendons of the hand to thicken and shorten, making the fingers curve inward.

The company is seeking other marketing approvals and said it is pleased with the results from an early clinical trial of Xiaflex as a treatment for cellulite.

BioSpecifics discovered Xiaflex and licensed it to Auxilium. The cellulite licensing deal is the result of a legal settlement between the companies in August 2011.

Auxilium shares lost a penny to $18.50 in midday trading. BioSpecifics shares fell 21 cents to $14.56.