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The Avengers Are Joining the Battle Royale in 'Fortnite'

Cameron Sherrill
Photo credit: Courtesy

From Esquire

It feels like just yesterday that we were all reeling from seeing our favorite superheroes turned into dust-bunnies by the purple tyrant Thanos, so it’s hard to believe that we’re only a few days out from the epic follow-up in Avengers: Endgame.

Fortnite delighted its player base when they added the Mad Titan to the game for a limited time last year, and it looks like they are gearing up for something even bigger the second time around. Epic Games revealed an image of their "Bright Bomber" skin holding a fantastic rendering of Captain America's shield with a Fortnite x Avengers logo. For now, nothing has been confirmed about what the crossover will look like, what kind of in-game additions will come, or whether it will be limited to a special game mode, like it was for Infinity War.

Epic Games's runaway hit was still gaining momentum of its own when Thanos first arrived, which is partly why Fortnite's crossover game mode was so limited and surprising. The game's active player base has expanded greatly since, with countless crossover skins and cosmetics, and we’d love to see some Avengers styling make an appearance during this event.

Marvel has recently reinvigorated their video gaming presence with Insomniac's Spider-Man and the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 coming July 19 for Nintendo Switch, but we're happy to get our fix however we can.

The Fortnite x Avengers event starts April 25, promising those with tickets to the film's premiere a very superhero-filled day.

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