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Average gas prices

Jeff Bartlett
Average gas prices

Gas prices are down in most regions this week compared to the week before. The national gasoline average is two cents less from this time last week and down nine cents from a year ago. Premium gas is down two cents from last week at $3.87. Diesel fuel is about the same as this time last year.

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National regular gasoline prices Price Change from last week
Regular gasoline/gallon $3.52    ↓ .02
Diesel fuel/gallon $3.85    ↓ .02
Regional regular gasoline prices Price Change from last week
East Coast $3.50  ↓ .04
—New England $3.65  ↓ .05
—Central Atlantic $3.57 ↓ .04
—Lower Atlantic $3.41 ↓ .04
Midwest $3.42 ↑ .01
Gulf Coast $3.31 ↓ .04
Rocky Mountain $3.64   0
West Coast $3.89 ↓ .03
—California $3.95  ↓ .04

Source: Energy Information Administration, 8/4/14. Figures rounded to the nearest cent.

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