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Take Away Grandpa's Passport: Fastest Exit Reports Timeshare-related Elder Abuse is on the Rise in Mexico

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Timeshare-related elder abuse is on the rise in Mexico. Due to seniors' advanced age, lack of familiarity with the Internet, and ample financial resources, resorts and scammers alike see them as the ideal targets. More and more offsite salerooms have been popping up in popular Mexican tourist destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos.

"Every day, I hear all sorts of outlandish stories from our elderly clients about Mexican timeshare presentations that have gone wrong," said Michelle Davis, Timeshare Exit Specialist, at Fastest Exit, "I spoke to an elderly couple this week and they were taken for $280,000 at a Mexican resort just last month."

A common tactic amongst timeshare salespeople is to use broad terms and even outright lies to bamboozle and befuddle the elderly during the presentation. The facts are vastly different from the accounts of the salespeople. They will tell an elderly couple that the property sits right on the beach and is in a peaceful area. In truth, the property is actually in a crime ridden area with a dilapidated beachfront.

Salesrooms routinely employee underhanded practices to squeeze as much money as they possibly can out of people on presentations. They sell timeshares at exorbitant and unnecessary prices. In an already oversaturated secondary market, this makes reselling in an effort to break even impossible.

Elder abuse can happen through gross misrepresentation and negligent actions of the salesperson. These measures are used by the company to create a false sense of urgency in order to pressure seniors to buy quickly. Salesrooms have also been known to keep seniors in presentations for well upwards of 8 to 10 hours. Many victims purchase timeshares out of fatigue because they are physically unable to handle being in the presentation any longer.

"Satellite salerooms are even more dangerous as the salespeople people can get quite outlandish. The amount seems to have doubled at least within the past 5 years," said Davis.

It is important for all timeshare owners to know their rights. In Mexico, all would-be timeshare purchasers have a period of 5 days to cancel their timeshare legally. If unsure of the applicable laws, customers should work with a reputable timeshare exit company like Fastest Exit to protect themselves from being lured into an unnecessary and financially devastating upgrade.

Fastest Exit helps timeshare owners legally dissolve their timeshare memberships. With vast international experience, Fastest Exit can help anyone get out of their timeshare anywhere in the world.

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