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These Awesome '80s Workout GIFs Will Inspire You To Get In Shape For Summer

Megan Willett

If we learned anything from Prancercising — the bizarre horse-inspired exercise that went viral last week — it's that you don't have to look cool to feel the burn.

And no one knew that better than '80s fitness instructors. With big hair, tight spandex, and some crazy moves, they really took working out to an uncomfortable place.

Thankfully, YouTube has done its part to keep these videos alive for future generations.

So we decided to put together a rundown of the best '80s fitness moves to get you in shape and toned for the summer months ahead.

If one of these GIFs doesn't load, click here to refresh the page.

First, let's warm up. Really extend those arms.

Now work those triceps! You WISH you looked this good.

Flailing like a beached whale will work those obliques.

And while you're down there, let's do the Jane Fonda.

Not masculine enough for you? Maybe try what these two studs are doing:

Now let's work that boogie body! (This entire video is worth watching, by the way.)

Get your heart racing with some tubular cardio.

Don't forget to exercise your facial muscles!

And, of course, no one knows how to get in shape quite like Richard Simmons.

Great job! Now show off those muscles — you've earned it.

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