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Ayesha Curry Was Caught Dancing At Her New Restaurant And Now The Entire Internet Is Mocking Her Moves

Megan Schaltegger

From Delish

On Wednesday, Ayesha Curry celebrated her latest restaurant opening, a Southern California outpost of International Smoke. And because it's a *huge* accomplishment and humanity is, apparently, the absolute worst, evil internet trolls couldn't help but tear her down. This time, targeting her viral dance moves.

Jealousy is not cute, y'all.

Photo credit: Steve Jennings / Getty Images

@Hot97 tweeted out a video Ayesha ~getting down~ at her new barbecue joint the day of its unveiling, with her husband Steph watching nearby. "Did #AyeshaCurry kill her Milly Rock?" they captioned the 11-second clip.

Fans quickly weighed in with their own...thoughts. "Ayesha Curry should go to jail for dancing like that… man flat out," one user wrote. Others added, "that was absolute trash," and "“I feel so bad for Steph." One woman went so far to claim Curry is "constantly looking for attention on social media and acceptance from the public."

Now I've got thoughts. Ayesha is an adorable, gem of woman who was caught on camera having fun (!) at her restaurant opening (!!) while her equally adorable husband watched with complete and utter admiration (!!!). Was her dancing professional-grade? Maybe not. BUT SHE ISN'T A DANCER.

Steph was pretty fired up about the incident himself, taking to Instagram Stories in her defense. "Slow news day today, I see, huh?" he said. "Just make sure y'all send me the video of you dancing at your own restaurant opening." Oooh, BURN. "And we’re going to keep Milly Rocking until that happens," he added.

Now can we let this successful, empowering, kick-ass woman live and Milly Rock in peace???

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