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Azgard Group announces a partnership with V5 Systems to put life-saving technology in the hands of first responders

New partnership authorizes Azgard Group to be an official systems integrator of V5 Systems' leading-edge, award-winning security solutions, which can be deployed where there is no connection to the electrical grid.

FREMONT, Calif., May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Azgard Group, a leading technology systems integrator located in Alexandria, Virginia and Hoover, Alabama, announces a new partnership with V5 Systems, a California-based company that's the industry leader in portable, wireless, self-powered security and computing devices for Industrial IoT applications in the outdoors. This partnership enables Azgard Group to quickly expand its security offerings to include self-powered video surveillance and gunshot detection for the outdoor market. This market was previously limited by security products that require a fixed power source and cumbersome installation process, while V5 Systems' leading-edge, award-winning security solutions can be deployed where there is no connection to the electrical grid.

At the Hoover Police Department Security Summit, Mazin Bedwan, President, describes V5 Systems' efforts to put portable GSL in the hands of PDs.

Azgard Group provides cyber defense and cyber investigation solutions, as well as Cloud solutions to help agencies and businesses run their business more efficiently and cost-effectively. Azgard Group's team has the expertise and hands-on knowledge to implement leading cyber technologies to protect businesses or agencies.

Azgard Group CEO Walter Brown, commented, "V5 Systems provides a quick and easy installation solution for mobile and fixed surveillance and analytic technology.  Everyone who uses the V5 Systems products can't see themselves operating without it."

Azgard and V5 Systems debuted their new partnership at the Hoover Police Department Security Summit in Hoover, Alabama. The small Hoover Police Department has become a leader in sourcing new tech to protect its community, even hosting a high-powered summit of government agencies and leading technologists. After the recent school shooting in Parkland, the Hoover Police Department began to evaluate emerging technologies they believed would serve as cost-effective "force multipliers" in their fight against violence on campus. 

V5 Systems presented the V5 Acoustic Gunshot Sensor (V5 GSL), the world's first portable, solar-powered gunshot location device. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), gunfire is the first of many sound signatures that the V5 Acoustic Tracking System will be able to detect. This optimized AI runs at the edge (on the device itself) and enables the V5 GSL to be:

  • Accurate - Classifies and triangulates the location of gunfire
  • Fast - Alerts law enforcement in approximately 3 seconds via instant mobile alerts
  • Portable - Weighs less than 25 pounds (about the same as an officer's tactical belt) and can be moved and redeployed in under 30 minutes per unit to give officers, campus officials and security professionals immediate insights. 

Over 70 State Legislature and Federal Congressional Representatives, select local and state law enforcement representatives, school district superintendents, university representatives, municipalities, commercial and office property managers, airport officials and bank representatives were in attendance.

Mazin Bedwan, V5 Systems President, said, "Azgard Group and V5 Systems have a deep mutual interest in getting life-saving technology into the hands of first responders. In meeting with their CEO, Walter Brown, we recognize that same passion to change the world in tangible ways and I'm excited to see this partnership grow. The Hoover Police Department Security Summit left a deep impression on me, where we received feedback from those at the front-line, those who are keeping our kids and our schools safe."

Azgard Group implemented the partnership due to V5 Systems' innovative security solutions, which have been validated in use and by a number of top security industry awards the technology has won, including three New Product of the Year awards from Security Today magazine and the "2017 Security's Best Award" from ASIS, the leading organization for security professionals worldwide.  

As a result of the partnership, Azgard Group will be able to install, train and maintain the full line of V5 Systems industry-leading products for customers within the commercial and government sectors.

To learn more about Azgard Group, visit https://azgardgroup.com/.

To learn more about V5 Systems, visit v5systems.us.

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About Azgard Group:

Azgard Group is a Virginia-based, veteran-owned small business providing unparalleled Cyber Security and Information Technology services to commercial and government organizations.

We help our clients stay ahead of cyberattacks and security threats, transforming their cyber program and security measures to protect all of their critical assets and physical structures from insider and outsider threats.

Our holistic, cost-effective and agile approach to cyber security continuously evaluates, protects, and prevents attacks, and our cyber experts can train your staff to efficiently handle threats on an ongoing basis to minimize risks to business operation disruptions, data breaches, and information leaks.

About V5 Systems:

V5 Systems is a California-based technology company that provides leading-edge portable, wireless, self-powered outdoor computing and security solutions for Industrial IoT applications. The company delivers turnkey video surveillance and gunshot detection solutions that can be deployed in under 30 minutes, while the computing platform itself can act as a host for 3rd party hardware and software integration. These solutions utilize a proprietary power management system, composed of bullet-resistant solar panels and battery backup. The power system eliminates the need for fixed power and hard-wired communications.



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