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B1K For Softball…The Ultimate Playing Experience For All Areas Of The Diamond

Shaw Sports Turf has announced a new product innovation. A turf system designed and researched specifically for softball.

CALHOUN, Ga., Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Shaw Sports Turf has announced a new product innovation. A turf system researched and designed specifically for softball. This product employs similar technology found in Shaw Sports Turf's extremely successful B1K for Baseball system. It is an evolution– building on the research that we've accumulated while also taking into account Softball specific playability. B1K for Softball is the result of enhancing already established success and harnessing that knowledge to meet the fast, firm surface needs for this sport.

From the grass to the clay, each area of the field has different playability characteristics. Shaw Sports Turf's research and development team set out to not only understand those characteristics and how to build a system to meet them, but also to create the ideal playing surface for the sport overall.

Shaw Sports Turf is the only company with years of research dedicated to collecting data specific to the sport resulting in the all-new B1K for Softball system. Working with their university research partners, Shaw Sports Turf was able to study the playability of the surface as well as the athlete's interaction with it. Playing on a surface tailored for softball creates a more consistent ball bounce allowing players to react more naturally when fielding hits. A firmer and more accurate surface also minimizes fatigue and soreness providing less energy rebound and less leg stiffness.

The B1K for Softball natural system features Geofill, an all-natural infill made from coconut husks and fibers. This natural alternative infill feels and plays like dirt with added cooling benefits and water savings.