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'Bizarre' baby face swap holiday card might be the funniest of the season

(Photo: Instagram/caseybrodley)

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s received a holiday card from the Weise family, you might have thought, ‘Wow, those are some strong genes.’ After that initial confusion wears off, you’ll realize it’s just a really good case of face swap.

Amy and Ryan Weise hired their friend and photographer Casey Brodley for a traditional family photoshoot, but the end result is anything but. Everyone has the same face: that of a chubby and uncomfortable baby. “Amy asked if it was possible to do a face swap, which photographers sometimes do with photos to fix closed eyes or if there is a better expression on one person in another photo,” Brodley tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “What I’d normally do is take the person’s face from another photo in the same sequence and replace it in the original image.”

Brodley normally tries to avoid Photoshop as much as possible. “The other photos that I delivered in their gallery were completely straightforward family photos. But I have a kind of weird sense of humor, and this photo came about after I sent the initial sneak peeks.” Amy pointed out that “she loved her son’s face in all the pictures” (who wouldn’t?), so Casey thought it would be funny to swap her face with her son’s face instead of switching her face with another one of her own. “Originally I only put the baby’s face over Amy’s face, but once I saw how it looked on Ryan’s head I couldn’t help myself. Their daughter is adorable, but I liked how bizarre everyone looked with their face swapped for the baby’s face.”

So she replaced all the Weise’s faces with the baby boy’s face, and texted Amy and Ryan the new version asking, ‘How does this look?’ Luckily, the couple has a similar sense of humor. “They laughed! The actual text thread says, ‘Bahahahaha this will be our Christmas card.’” Brodley included it in the final gallery so “they could use it as a prank on Facebook or something,” she says. “I never thought they would actually make it their holiday card!”

Alas, they did, and it’s equal parts hilarious and endearing.

Brodley isn’t that surprised though. “How could they NOT choose to make that their holiday card?”

(Photo: Emily White Photography)

They aren’t the only couple going the humor route for the holidays. When planning their holiday card, Matt Violette and Sarah Keating decided to go with an “American Dream” theme. The series of photographs feature the couple wearing American flag shorts and denim tops while eating french fries, Big Macs, and McNuggets in front of the U.S. Capitol building. Violette threw on an American Flag hat on for good measure. Some highlights include them eating from both ends of the same burger and them feeding each other french fries with the Capitol in the background.

(Photo: Austin Liberato)

Austin Liberato rose to fame last year when his replica of a “very basic” holiday with two of his roommates went viral. The photo of himself and his two male roomies throwing leaves in the air gained the attention of people all over the internet. This year he delivered another epic card, replicating Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Tupac, and Suge Knight as the faces of Death Row Records. The card features his two roommates and their dog.

(Photo: JCP Portrait Studio )

Mike and Laura Bergeron are known for their goofy holiday greetings. Originally it was just the two of them, but as their family has grown, so has their creativity. Mike has been posting the tradition’s progress on reddit over the years. This year’s masterpiece is titled Gingers in Paradise and features them posing as a family of seriously sunburnt redheads. “We went in a slightly different direction this year, which required stepping out of the JCP Portrait Studio and using a photographer (big thanks to Marco Montenegro) at the local beach,” he captioned the post. “This our nod to the ever-so-popular holiday card theme that says ‘Look at us soaking up the sun’s rays in a beautiful tropical paradise while you’re freezing your nuts off…don’t you wish you were us?’ Merry Xmas everyone :)”

And the holiday season isn’t over yet. Seen a funnier one? Let us know in the comments!

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