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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ fan favorite returns in all of his awkward glory

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Bachelor in Paradise just got a whole lot more entertaining, thanks to the arrival of the Canadian Eagle, Daniel Maguire. Daniel has been known to say some crazy things in the most awkward way possible, and nothing has changed at all!

Daniel came to Paradise right before the rose ceremony, where the guys were handing out the blooms. So the Canadian only had a short time to get to know all the girls. During her time with Daniel, Lacey told him that there were only a couple of girls who weren’t with guys already, and that she had been waiting for him to get there. Daniel told her, “You show up at Paradise a week in or so, and it’s like a club at 2 a.m. These girls look like they’ve got a 5 o’clock shadow going already. The hair extensions are coming out; they got a broken heel. Leftover scraps.”

Awesomely Awkward Comments

In his conversation with Jasmine, Daniel said, “I’ve only had one date in, like, the last, like, 10 years. I think the last time I had a date was when Caitlyn Jenner was a man.”

When Daniel sat down with Christen, she made a joke about going “balls to the wall.” And Daniel wanted to be clear that she didn’t have balls, but let it be known that if she wanted to play with his, she could.

The Canadian Eagle finally asked Lacey to go on a date. At the end of the date, after some professional wrestling, Daniel was standing behind Lacey for an interview. He said, “I’m getting kind of aroused right now. I’m unraveling like a pool noodle.”

Welcome back, Daniel!

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