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Baicells Receives UL Certification for Nova436Q LTE Base Station

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The Nova436Q LTE base station is ready for private network operations in hazardous locations that want to take advantage of CBRS spectrum.

PLANO, Texas, Nov. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Baicells Technologies, a leading LTE and 5G hardware solutions manufacturer, has received a Class 1, Division 2 certification for its Nova436Q LTE base station, certifying the radio can be used to build private LTE networks and provide internet service in hazardous locations such as oil or gas fields and mining facilities.

Baicells is a leading manufacturer of LTE and 5G fixed-wireless hardware solutions. (PRNewsfoto/Baicells Technologies)
Baicells is a leading manufacturer of LTE and 5G fixed-wireless hardware solutions. (PRNewsfoto/Baicells Technologies)

The Nova436Q is an advanced two-carrier outdoor eNodeB (eNB) that is compliant with 3GPP LTE TDD technology and operates within the CBRS spectrum. This versatile eNodeB can be configured as a 2x1W single carrier eNB, (2) 2x1Ws single carrier eNBs (Dual Carrier/Split Sector), or a 4x1W Carrier Aggregation eNB, allowing network operators to configure the eNB dependant to meet deployment objectives.

To receive this nationally recognized UL certification for operations in hazardous locations the base station had to undergo rigorous testing at UL facilities. The Class 1, Division 2 certification supports the Nova436Q is safe to operate in locations where volatile flammable liquids or flammable gases or vapors exist, but are normally confined within closed containers; where there is an ignitable concentration of gases, vapors, or liquids that are normally prevented by positive mechanical ventilation; or locations that are adjacent to areas where ignitable concentrations of materials may be transported.

"We're excited to announce that the Baicells Nova436Q has successfully met stringent testing requirements and is now UL certified for hazardous locations," said Majdi Shami, Baicells product director. "The base station has complied with both ordinary and hazardous locations requirements in accordance with U.S. UL and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and CAN Standards, meaning the Nova436Q can be safely installed in facilities which deal with flammable gases, vapors, and liquids. It will now be possible for the oil and gas industry to build their own private LTE networks and take full advantage of CBRS through Baicells to begin expanding their IoT connectivity in this evolving market."

Please contact Baicells to learn when the Class 1, Division 2 certified version of the Nova436Q will be ready to begin private LTE operations in oil and gas facilities. A full data sheet on the Nova436Q can be found here.

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Baicells is an international company, providing disruptively priced and technically innovative 4G LTE and 5G NR Access Solutions that connect more than 50 countries across the globe. Our ever-expanding goal to "Connect the Unconnected" has led to the establishment of offices across five of the seven continents and the development of over 300 patents since our inception in 2014. Baicells currently boasts over 700 private LTE networks across the world, with a large percentage of those trusted networks operating within North America. To meet growing demand for increased connectivity, Baicells production is booming with manufacturing plants operating in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam alongside an extensive relationship with global manufacturers.

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