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Baker Mayfield plants Oklahoma flag on Ohio State logo after win

(via ESPN)

Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield wasn’t bashful about expressing his joy following the Sooners’ win over Ohio State on Saturday.

Not long after the 31-16 win was over, Mayfield went and found an Oklahoma flag from the cheerleaders. He then took a victory lap around the field.

(via ESPN)

Where was he heading? Midfield, of course. Where he planted the flag at Ohio State’s logo while surrounded with happy teammates.

(via ESPN)

It’s a moment that’s going to make Ohio State fans and college football curmudgeons unhappy. But sports are supposed to be fun, aren’t they? Spare us your “disrespect” talk regarding Mayfield’s celebration. He just beat the No. 2 team on the road by 15 points. He’s allowed to have some fun. The best way to prevent him from celebrating was to beat him.

If this is something that truly ticks off Ohio State, well it now has motivation to get to the College Football Playoff and potentially get revenge on Mayfield and the Sooners. But after losing at home as a favorite, you can’t get too riled up about a team having fun with the win.

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