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Bakers Square Restaurants Remain Open Providing Curbside, To-Go & Delivery Services

Bakers Square remains open in all locations nationwide to serve the needs of its customers. All of our Bakers Square restaurants have adjusted to service via curbside, takeout and delivery options only in compliance with the mandates from state and local authorities.

Customers are able to order online and then simply pull up to the restaurant where their food will be brought to their car at the curb.

"What our country is going through right now is unprecedented and is going to have a substantial impact on families and communities across the country," said Craig Barber, CEO. "We are committed to ensure the Bakers Square brand continues to serve our customers while also doing our part in preventing the spread of this disease. We are actively monitoring the evolving situation while also following all CDC guidelines regarding sanitation along with team member hygiene and are prepared to take further action as needed."

About Bakers Square

Bakers Square began in the early 1970’s as an independent restaurant in Des Moines, Iowa, serving soups, sandwiches and–as it happens–some of the most incredible pies anyone in the area had ever tasted. The fresh baked double crust fruit pies, cream and meringue pies that this little restaurant turned out day in and day out soon built a reputation that reached as far away as Minneapolis.

Today, Bakers Square has grown into a network of restaurants across the upper Midwest that, in many ways, still maintains the charm and friendly appeal of that original restaurant in Iowa. For breakfast, lunch, dinner–or one of our award-winning pies–our guests know Bakers Square is a comfortable and inviting place to relax, celebrate, or simply reward themselves with something special.

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