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Bakery Giant Entenmann’s Has a Sweet New Gig Available: Chief Donut Officer

Chris Morris

Looking to sweeten up your resume? Entenmann's has got you covered.

The bakery has put out a call for applicants for the position of Chief Donut Officer. Don’t quit your day job just yet, though. The gig pays just $5,000.

On the upside, though, you don’t have to do any real work, and you also get a year’s worth of free donuts.

Would-be CDOs can head to www.chiefdonutofficer.com to apply for the job. They’ll need to describe their ideas for product innovation and sing elaborate songs of praise about the company’s products. (This is, after all, PR puffery at its finest.) Applications will be accepted through June 30 and the winner will be announced on August 7, after a public vote.

Four runners-up will also walk away with the year’s worth of free donuts as well as $1,000.

The contest ties in with National Donut Day, which is traditionally held on the first Friday of June. Chains, such as Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme, around the country regularly offer deals on the sweet fried dough, usually with the purchase of a coffee or other beverage).

The “chief donut officer” title and the cash prize might be new, but Entenmann's has a history of giving away a year’s worth of donuts. And last year, it handed out the treats to anyone who wandered by in New York’s Times Square.

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