How Your Baking Pan's Color Can Affect Your Baked Goods

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Photo credit: Jeff Greenberg
Photo credit: Jeff Greenberg

As much as we all love a warm batch of cookies or a slice of cake, we can agree that baking can be complicated sometimes. You have to decipher the right baking temperature, ensure that you have the correct bakeware handy, and time your treat for just the right amount of time in the oven. And it looks like we have yet another factor to consider, and that is the color of the baking pan we're using.

A video that has received well over four million views on TikTok shows how common baked goods, including cakes and brownies, can be affected by the color of the pan they're baked in.

"Whether it's cookies, cakes, or brownies, the type of pan you use has a big impact on how your desserts bake," said the video's creator, @benjaminthebaker. "Cookies baked on a dark tray will have a more crispy edge and the bottom will brown more than those baked on a light tray."

@benjaminthebaker then goes on to demonstrate how light and dark pans can create varying results for cakes and brownies.

"For cakes, because the dark metal conducts heat more quickly, the bottom of the cake will be darker and the edges of the cake will also set faster," he said. "This means you end up with a shorter cake with a more rounded top and a thick crust. And finally for brownies, the batter touching the edges of the dark pan will cook and set before the middle has time to catch up. This means you end up with brownies that have a super-crisp edge as opposed to the softer edge of brownies made in a lighter pan."

Will you be swapping out your baking pans for a lighter or darker set anytime soon?

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