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Baltimore Ravens' Hayden Hurst Turns to Twitter to Find Mystery Woman After Meeting Her on Plane

Eric Todisco
Baltimore Ravens' Hayden Hurst Turns to Twitter to Find Mystery Woman After Meeting Her on Plane

Baltimore Ravens tight end Hayden Hurst has met the girl of his dreams. One problem — he doesn’t know her name or how to find her again.

Hurst, 25, tweeted his 18k followers on Sunday that he needed help finding the woman he became smitten with while they were on a flight together from Jacksonville, Florida to Maryland.

“To the gorgeous tall brunette on my flight to Baltimore,” the NFL player wrote. “You walk incredibly fast and I couldn’t catch up but here’s hoping you have Twitter #theonethatgotaway.”

While Hurst has not heard from his mystery crush, he did get replies from plenty of other Twitter users, some of whom mocked the athlete for his failed attempt at connecting with her.

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“Hold on, NFL can’t catch up with tall brunette…did the Ravens sign the wrong person?” a Twitter user wrote, which prompted a response from the tight end.

“Relax. I was taking a picture with someone,” Hurst replied back, explaining how he lost his mystery girl.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

However, some did support Hurst in his attempts to locate the woman, including Terrell Suggs, linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals.

“Now this is how you’re supposed to shoot your shot! #GoodluckASGUARDIAN,” Suggs, 36, tweeted to his fellow NFL player.

Hurst tweeted back to Suggs, thanking him for his reinforcement, writing, “Shooters shoot… appreciate the support sizz #shesgottahavetwitter.”

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Hurst played along with many of the Twitter responses, both negative and positive, replying with memes and making light of the situation.

Fellow Baltimore Raven, Tony Jefferson, jumped in on the fun, replying to Hurst’s tweet with a meme from Sesame Street, joking around with his teammate.

Hurst’s response continued the joke, tweeting a gif that proves he is feeling anything but regret for his public attempt to find love.

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Hurst’s initial tweet garnered over 4k likes, 661 likes, and 207 replies.

A college football player at South Carolina, Hurst was taken in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft by the Ravens. In June 2018, he signed a four-year deal worth $11 million featuring a $6.1 million signing bonus.