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BanksLoveMe.Com Finds Free Checking Accounts With No Strings Attached

Noelia de la Cruz

We've written time and time again about how frustrated consumers get when they're trying to find a checking account with no strings attached.

Enter BanksLoveMe.com, a tool U.S. consumers can use to find a nearby FDIC-insured bank with free checking. Entrepreneurs can use the site, too. 

Royall Witt, the site's CEO, was working as a senior banker for Chase before he quit his job last May to launch the site.

Like many consumers, he'd grown tired of the chase and needed an easy solution. 

"I feel like technology can change the way people bank, how they choose their banks, and how they learn about banking," Witt says. 

We agree. 

There's no registration required to use the site, just plug in your search terms and go. 

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