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BarMaxx Enters the Liquor Inventory Control Landscape With the Most Complete System Available

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - Nov 12, 2012) - Maxx Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of BarMaxx, the only complete liquor inventory management system that enables precise tracking of every drop of liquor from the stockroom, top shelf and speed rail, through integration with point-of-sale (POS) stations. The revolutionary BarMaxx system merges RFID technology with an advanced understanding of liquor control and bar operations in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, casinos, clubs and sports venues.

BarMaxx has been designed, developed and extensively tested, drawing on significant input and collaboration with innovative operators, making it perfectly suited for hospitality outlets seeking a high precision technology solution to control valuable liquor inventories. BarMaxx's unrivaled ability to track free pour liquor down to 4/1000th of an ounce is the answer to the hospitality industry's struggle with high liquor costs and shrinkage rates that eat into their bottom line.

BarMaxx is the first wireless, free pour, POS integrated liquor inventory management solution for multi-station establishments. Although it is virtually invisible to customers and requires no change to service protocols, BarMaxx provides immediate feedback to help train staff in accurate free pouring technique. BarMaxx's automated, real-time tracking completely eliminates tedious inventory counting time and expense, while simultaneously lowering the cost of liquor inventory stocking with just-in-time ordering and automated low stock level prompts. The compelling, easy-to-read, web and mobile-compatible, online reporting features put the power of informed decision making at the fingertips of ownership and management, enabling them to take immediate action with confidence.

Today, the BarMaxx system is successfully installed in multiple full-service restaurant bar operations in South Florida, where ownership and management are enjoying seamless system operation and gaining valuable control over their liquor inventory management. Enthusiastic users reap the benefits daily as BarMaxx significantly decreases their liquor costs while simultaneously increasing the value of their business and yielding a return on investment many times over.

For more information on BarMaxx, go to mybarmaxx.com. For additional inquiries, please contact Gary Namm at the contact information listed below.


Maxx Technologies, Inc. is a privately held technology company selling inventory control, loss prevention and asset management systems to the hospitality industry. Maxx Technologies picked up where Suxessbar Systems USA Corp left off and has corporate headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and an additional sales office in Silicon Valley, California.

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