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BarMD Students Three Times More Likely to Pass the California Bar Exam

The California Bar posted a record low pass rate of 27%, while BarMD students achieved a 93% passing rate.

SAN DIEGO, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Law students and would-be attorneys in California faced harsh news in April when they received their Bar Score Letter letting them know whether they passed or failed.

The notoriously difficult California Bar Pass rate hit a new a record low of 27% for first-timers, and exam retakers had a lower pass rate of 23%. BarMD students on the other hand were three times more likely to pass than the state averages.

According to BarMD CEO, David Greco, their students' success lies in the personal attention they receive, in addition to the detailed grading which the other 'Big Box Bar Prep' companies fail to deliver.

"Each year our faculty works tremendously hard with each of our students giving them an individualized game plan based on their strengths and weaknesses in writing, essay structure and MBE questions," said Greco. "We help first-time students and retakers pass the California Bar, whether it's their first time or fourth time."

BarMD offers a leading California Bar Exam Prep Course in addition to their Law School Tutoring and Law Admissions Counseling services. The BarMD Method is a proprietary study formula, which helps students maximize retention while minimizing the total amount of hours necessary to study. To date, 93% of their students have passed the California Bar because of their detailed grading and personalized coaching.

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