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Barnier slams British ‘blame game’ over possibility of a no-deal Brexit

Luke James
Brussels correspondent
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    bottom lien then is EU says its not their fault no deals can be made. though any propsals Uk presents simply not meeting EU's set points such as free movement of people ( unfettered immigration in effect) teh very reason Uk is leaving! 2 opposing view points Eu wants a Europe that is free to all world and Uk see issues ( has issues) with immigration and is being told .no free trade etc even though reason we joined in first place was to get free trade !
    NOT merge politically as a united federal European entity.
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    No deal. No money. Tariffs on trade that will make German cars very expensive. Any embargo's or obstruction will be devastating to the Republic of Ireland.
    We don't want the four freedoms that have enabled Germany to run a huge trading deficit with the UK whilst we have taken in millions of immigrants whilst paying to upgrade the infrastructures of foreign countries whilst neglecting our own. Truth hurts, who do we blame the Government, the EU or the Establishment who all seem to want to run the country and even the whole World in their vision rather than a true democracy?
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    Ashy Slashy
    The predictable response from the Fourth Reich's Barnier.
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    EU just don't get it! We're leaving because of its inflexibility (Cameron tried, was blanked). Instead of addressing its own issues it just blanks. The higher the tariffs (70% along with withholding taxes also), the greater the M20 Lorry Park post Brexit - the better. As UK trade can and will rapidly expand with non EU (as UK/EU trade rapidly declines). That will serve the UK well, but see the EU lose its largest single country export market along with access to the UK's internal market (that includes being the worlds #1 financial, accounting and law centres).
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    The EU's negotiating position has always been NO to every offer. So we have two choices. Cave in or walk away. I know which I prefer
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    Yet they have no problem signing deals with Japan and America....
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    Good grief. Its as if the developed world doesn't exist outside the EU
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    They will not bend, that's why we are OUT
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    Don't worry, in 6 months no one in the UK will care what the EU thinks.
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    We are only prolonging the inevitable. The EU will NOT give us a good deal, because it would set a precedent and encourage a LOT of the other 27 countries who are thinking of leaving to do so. Just leave May, LEAVE NOW.