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The Basics of Vehicle Service Contracts Explained by CarGuard Administration

·3 min read

Scottsdale, Arizona, March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many people think that a vehicle service contract is an extended warranty. However, even though they ‘act’ in the same way, they are not the same. You can actually add a vehicle service contract to your car at any time, unlike an extended warranty.

In fact, you can add a vehicle service contract to your vehicle multiple times throughout your ownership, and in some cases, you can even transfer the agreement to the new owner who buys your covered auto.

What is a Vehicle Service Contract?

A vehicle service contract is the best way to protect yourself from any unexpected and costly car repairs. Depending on the coverage you opted for, your agreement could be all-inclusive or come with a list of covered parts.

A vehicle service contract’s primary purpose is to pick up where your original car manufacturer’s warranty expired. This guarantees you continue to have coverage on your car’s mechanics long after the initial warranty ended.

It allows you to continue to drive your car without having to worry about any expensive car repairs. When you choose a company like CarGuard Administration, you’ll be able to get a vehicle service contract that covers whatever you think is necessary.

Another benefit of getting a vehicle service contract is that you can eliminate the middleman and go directly to the source to buy your agreement. CarGuard Administration is an excellent example of a vehicle service contract provider that offers customers everything they need in one contract.

How Do You Use a Vehicle Service Contract?

It’s actually quite simple; you can use your vehicle service contract anytime your vehicle breaks down or needs to be repaired.

However, you need to understand that not all vehicle service contracts are created equal, and you should check to see what all is excluded before you decide to purchase one.

Companies like CarGuard Administration offer different types of coverages to meet every customer’s needs. You can check out the various options and then choose the one that will work best for your needs.

Suppose you’re looking for full coverage or just something to cover all the major repairs. In that case, having this discussion with your vehicle service contract company is critical before spending any of your money.

Make sure you find out how the process works when you need to use your vehicle service contract. Can you just call up a company like CarGuard Administration, and they will handle everything for you, or do you need to deal with the repair shop in person?

You’ll also want to find out if you have to pay any expenses upfront and then the vehicle service contract company reimburses you, or if they handle all the payments directly from their end.

Having a vehicle service contract on your car ensures that you never go without the protected coverage you need. Choosing a company like CarGuard Administration allows you to drive your car without any of the worries that come with a mechanical breakdown.

CONTACT: contact@carguardadmin.com