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Bask In the Glory of This BMW 3.0 CSL at Speed

Brian Silvestro
Photo credit: 19Bozzy92 - YouTube

From Road & Track

BMW's 3.0 CSL race car was one of the best things to come out of the 1970s. With massive fender flares, all sorts of aero, and a straight-six exhaust sound to die for, it was everything great about BMW at the time.

The 19Bozzy92 YouTube channel caught up with this 1975 CSL, driven by Christian Traber, at the Imola Classic race weekend last year, and managed to catch some great in-cabin footage from the event. It's an interesting look at how these cars have to be driven, and what they sound like from the inside. Here, turn your volume up and watch for yourself:

Traber isn't going ten-tenths, probably because the track is wet and the car he's driving is worth a whole lot of money, as are the cars he's racing against. Still, that engine sound is intoxicating. Is there any way I can download it as an MP3? Asking for a friend.

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