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Bathtub Refinishing - The Solution You have been Looking for that Old, Ugly Bathtub!

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2017 / Are you tired of looking at that old, ugly bathtub? There is another solution - bathtub refinishing and restoration can take your dated, tired or damaged tub and give it a new lease on life!

Newly refinished bathtub by CE Bathtub Refinishing Los Angeles. Photo by www.cebathtubrefinishing.com

If you are renovating your bathroom, or maybe you simply want to upgrade your tired, worn out or damaged tub, you may be considering replacing your bathtub with a new one. However, it is worth taking the time to consider refinishing rather than replacing your tub. Installing a new tub may seem cost effective at first glance, however when you further investigate the other associated costs, such as removal and disposing of your old tub, that seemingly cheap price can skyrocket. Therefore it is worth considering the option to refinish your tub instead.

CE Bathtub Refinishing Los Angeles is already well known for its amazing refinishing, and they have now expanded to service new locations. They now offer bathtub refinishing in Redondo Beach, Long Beach, Anaheim, Orange County, Torrance and San Diego, among other areas.

You may have been told that tub reglazing requires your bathtub to be taken offsite. However, CE's bathroom tub resurfacing and porcelain bathtub refinishing services can be done in your own home, so limiting the time and disruption caused to you!

As a well established, professional bath resurfacing company, CE Bathtub Refinishing takes all the necessary precautions when carrying out your bathtub repair or tub refinishing, from drop clothes to masking.

Calamus Enterprises (CE) technician Mike Shuliak refinishing a bathtub.
Photo by www.calamus-enterprises.com

The Bathtub Reglazing Process

Ever wondered how to refurbish a bathtub? The bathtub resurfacing, restoration and refinishing processes we provide go well beyond a simple 'spray paint job' and so far exceed the DIY job a homeowner can do. CE's tub restoration process involves completely removing the old surface and then replacing it with a brand new, reglazed surface.

As professionals, they offer a thorough, high-quality service to ensure your refinished bathtub will look amazing, and more importantly that it will stay that way! Inferior products and services may result in top layer peeling or staining of surrounding areas, leaving an ugly sight which is difficult and expensive to fix. The same results can occur when using DIY kits, which is why it is much better to entrust your tub refinishing to the trusted professionals at CE in Los Angeles.

Their refinishing coating is available in any color you wish, giving you exceptional freedom when planning your bathroom renovation or remodeling your home.

Not Just The Tub

Why stop at a beautifully refinished bathtub? In addition to amazing bathtubs, CE Bathtub Refinishing Los Angeles California also specializes in the shower and sink refinishing and tile reglazing.

If your bathroom suffers from crack, chips, discoloration or yellowing from age, they can carry out repairs on your whole bathroom. Their expertise includes resurfacing shower stalls, refinishing tiles in your bathroom, sink restoration, granite restoration, bathtub tile, porcelain tub refinish and cast iron tub refinish.

Before you know it, it will be fresh, sparkling and glossy once more, without you needing to carry out a full costly and time-consuming renovation!

So it is worthwhile considering the amazing bathtub refinishing options available right here in Los Angeles, California.

SOURCE: CE Bathtub Refinishing Los Angeles