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Baza Bazaar Announces Marketplace for Authentic Luxury Streetwear Products in the United Arab Emirates

Baza Bazaar (https://bazabazaar.com) is an e-commerce startup that facilitates the trade of luxury brands while prioritizing authentication

DUBAI, UAE, Sept. 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Baza Bazaar (href https://www.bazabazaar.com) announces that it's luxury marketplace will go live in the United Arab Emirates starting Tuesday, August 27, 2019. The startup serves as an authentication point for rare streetwear clothing, sneakers, accessories, and decor had its pre-seeding in May 2018. Since then it has quickly grown to a full-fledged e-commerce marketplace with hundreds of products for sale upon launch day. Authenticity has become increasingly important around the world. In 2018, it was reported that the worldwide counterfeit products industry has grown to be worth over a trillion dollars (1). Therefore, it is inspiring that the United Arab Emirates is one of the first countries to have taken impactful steps in preventing the spread and use of counterfeit products. From 2017-2018, over 26 million products worth over AED 1 billion were seized by Dubai's Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCP) organization alone (2). Within the UAE it is considered fraud to manufacture, ship, sell, or own counterfeit items. Often, unsuspecting customers can be the victim of such fraud and considered responsible by the authorities in abetting counterfeit trade. Baza Bazaar hopes to support the UAE in its fight against counterfeit products by being the first organization to utilize artificial intelligence and big data analysis in combination with human tests for authentication in the region. Through this authentication process, Baza Bazaar are assured in their ability to provide the latest fashion to their customers. They hope to grow to become the trusted marketplace for the MENA region.

Baza Bazaar will make sneaker and streetwear fashion brands easily accessible to customers in the UAE. This includes renowned brands such as Supreme, Bape, Kith, Kaws, and Off-White, along with collections from artists such as Takashi Murakami and collaborations such as Nike Air Jordans, and Adidas Yeezys. These products have limited releases which result in customers needing to know the right people, depending on raffles, or standing in exceedingly long lines to even stand a fraction of a chance at securing one of these coveted releases. Now, a customer can browse the marketplace, click to order, and leave the rest to Baza Bazaar. Verified sellers ship the item to Baza Bazaar, who process and authenticate it before shipment to the buyer. If an item fails the authentication process, the customer is notified and the order is canceled. Their authentication system involves a combination of  40 different human and AI tests. With each purchase, the customer receives a special certificate of authenticity from Baza Bazaar. This certificate has many security features so that it cannot be duplicated.

Baza Bazaar is a for-profit organization. The organization charges a fee on the goods sold from the seller based on their selling history. Sellers set their prices based on the current market for these goods and their discretion. Some of the products listed in the marketplace have been sold out within seconds. Consequently, due to their rarity, some of the products are sold at high premiums.

The Baza Bazaar CEO, Prem Sehgal, speculates, 'Since the start of this millennium the UAE's population has tripled. It has become a major hub for new ideas, self-expression, and high fashion. The imminent Expo 2020 is poised to be the next catalyst in this country's rapid innovation and growth. As such, brands and styles that haven't been available or seen in this part of the world will surely become commonplace in the next few years as more expatriates enter this country and bring their unique sense of fashion. Customers need to have a source for authentic products.'


Baza Bazaar is the ultimate source for rare authentic streetwear items that are released and often sold out in seconds internationally. We help you navigate the streetwear world so you never have to worry about fakes, launch times/dates, or finding a trusted deadstock seller. Brands you can buy include Nike Air Jordans, Adidas Yeezys, Supreme, Fear of God, Off White, Bape, Vans, Kaws, Kith, Takashi Murakami, amongst many others. We ship everywhere in the UAE. Yallah! Get Baza.

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