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BBC Reporter Hit In Head With Shotgun Pellets In Egypt, Carries On Reporting

Adam Taylor

The BBC's Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen is in Egypt reporting on the ongoing crisis.

However, an alarming image, tweeted by fellow journalist Sharif Kouddous , shows Bowen having his head bandaged with blood on his face and covering his shirt:

BBC reporter @BowenBBC hit in the head with birdshot. He's ok. pic.twitter.com/2ihAmOvpDL

— Sharif Kouddous (@sharifkouddous) July 5, 2013

According to Kouddous and Bowen himself, the BBC correspondent appears to have been hit in the head by shotgun pellets.

But Bowen is a trooper, a war correspondent since 1989 who has reported from a variety of war zones, including Bosnia, Iraq, and El Salvador.

So, after tweeting a short explanation:

Thanks for the messages. I've been hit by a couple of shotgun pellets. Am fine and heading out

— Jeremy Bowen (@BowenBBC) July 5, 2013

... Bowen swiftly returned to reporting:

Big forces against each other in #egypt. If can't channel this into political action not street conflict it is a recipe for more bloodshed

— Jeremy Bowen (@BowenBBC) July 5, 2013

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