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BBVA to unify its brand worldwide, changes its logo

- Same name, new spin: BBVA will be the bank's name globally. Local names will stop being used in the coming months.

- Consistency: Aim is to have global products and services as a result of BBVA´s one-time development process.

- Updated brand mark: BBVA logo updated to convey transformation and digital future.

HOUSTON, April 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BBVA today announced to its employees that it will unify its brand and launch a new logo across its footprint, as it advances in its efforts to offer its customers the best products and services, in an increasingly digital environment. The Group held a special Live@BBVA event, watched in real time by its almost 126,000 team members, who attended in person or viewed via streaming. The event was co-hosted by BBVA Group Chairman Carlos Torres Vila and BBVA CEO Onur Genç.

BBVA's new logo

BBVA will become the Group's name globally. The bank will discontinue local names in Argentina (Francés), Mexico (Bancomer), Peru (Continental), and the United States (Compass) in the coming months. Garanti, the Group's franchise in Turkey, will change its name to Garanti BBVA.

The new identity is a reflection of the values of BBVA, especially of the 'We are one team' value, which emphasizes the importance of the people working at BBVA and their commitment to the project.

The change underscores BBVA's aim to deploy a unique value proposition and a consistent customer experience, similar to what customers have come to expect from digital companies across the world. The Group aims to have global products and services as a result of BBVA´s one-time development process, which allows for worldwide collaboration, resource prioritization, faster speed to market and customization for specific market dynamics.

Thanks to this global approach, BBVA can now provide its customers across all geographies world-class products and services, such as its award-winning mobile banking app and FX trading platform.

"In a world where digitization and globality are already a reality, customer experience is the most important factor in any company's success. BBVA has been a pioneer in its commitment to digitization and in the search for solutions that help customers make the best decisions in their lives and in their businesses. Reflecting this now under a unified brand is the next natural step," said Carlos Torres Vila, BBVA Group executive chairman.

BBVA CEO Onur Genç also noted that BBVA is a global group with a presence in over 30 countries. "We are unifying our name, alongside a change in the BBVA logo, to better convey our increasingly digital and global reality. This new identity will reinforce the bank's commitment to BBVA's approximately 75 million customers to bring them the best of our global capabilities while maintaining a local service mindset. And this is exactly our purpose: to bring the age of opportunity to everyone."

Javier Rodríguez Soler, BBVA Compass President and CEO, also indicated the importance of the change and what customers in the U.S. should expect as a result of it.

"Becoming BBVA is simply the next step in what we've always said is an ongoing digital transformation process," said Rodríguez Soler. "Operating under a single brand further brings the power and strength of BBVA around the world to our clients here in the U.S. This represents the realization of becoming a true digital entity that enables customers to manage their financial lives across a full spectrum of services."

Rodríguez Soler said that U.S. customers should anticipate seeing evidence of the transition to BBVA in the months and years ahead, first in the visible representations of the new logo on its buildings, materials and digital offerings, and then through the products and services the bank offers.

"Being part of a global group is valuable to BBVA customers in every franchise, but it extends the capabilities of our already forward thinking team in the U.S. to leverage the power of nearly 126,000 BBVA team members around the world," he said. "We are bringing the best minds to the table, no matter where that table is located - all to benefit our customers with an increasingly excellent slate of products, services and capabilities that will help them achieve their financial goals."

BBVA will deploy its new identity across its global footprint, which will include a logo change on all its corporate buildings, branches and other materials.

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To learn more about BBVA Compass, visit: www.bbvacompass.com

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About BBVA Group
BBVA (BBVA) is a customer-centric global financial services group founded in 1857. The Group has a strong leadership position in the Spanish market, is the largest financial institution in Mexico, it has leading franchises in South America and the Sunbelt Region of the United States; and it is also the leading shareholder in Garanti, Turkey's biggest bank for market capitalization. Its diversified business is focused on high-growth markets and it relies on technology as a key sustainable competitive advantage. Corporate responsibility is at the core of its business model. BBVA fosters financial education and inclusion, and supports scientific research and culture. It operates with the highest integrity, a long-term vision and applies the best practices. More information about BBVA Group can be found at bbva.com.

About BBVA Compass
BBVA Compass is a Sunbelt-based financial institution that operates 644 branches, including 331 in Texas, 89 in Alabama, 63 in Arizona, 61 in California, 45 in Florida, 37 in Colorado and 18 in New Mexico. BBVA Compass ranks among the top 25 largest U.S. commercial banks based on deposit market share and ranks among the largest banks in Alabama (2nd), Texas (4th) and Arizona (6th). BBVA Compass has been recognized as one of the leading small business lenders by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and ranked 8th nationally in terms of dollar volume of SBA loans originated in fiscal year 2018. Additional information about BBVA Compass can be found under the Investor Relations tab at bbvacompass.com. For more BBVA Compass news, follow @BBVACompassNews on Twitter, visit newsroom.bbvacompass.com, or visit bbva.com.



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