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The Beach-Inspired Bridesmaid Gowns That Are Perfect For Any Style Wedding

Dawn Strong

The beach is a place that is overflowing with wedding inspiration, and no one knows that better than genius designer, Madeline Gardner. She took her love of the sand, sea and sunny skies and designed one of her most beautiful collections yet with the Morilee Madeline Gardner Spring 2018 Bridesmaids Collection. Boasting muted earth tones and modern lines, it's a fresh take on the classics with a gorgeous beachy twist. You're going to love it.

With 12 stunning new color options and silhouettes that are basically made for mixing and matching, the new Spring 2018 Bridesmaid Collection from Morilee Madeline Gardner is perfect for any style wedding. We adore the clean, modern lines, but we're especially smitten with all of the different styles. Different styles always means happy besties and, trust us, yours will be over the moon with the gorgeous options, including off-the-shoulder looks and chic jumpsuits. Not having a seaside wedding? No worries. These beauties were inspired by the muted tones of the beach, but will flow effortlessly into ANY style wedding - whether you're throwing a classic affair, a boho chic soiree or a more modern party.

Do yourselves a favor and check out the new Morilee Madeline Gardner Spring 2018 Collection by finding a retailer near you here. We promise you'll love the versatility and the beachy undertones... and we can't wait to see you mix and match your hearts out.