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New Beanstalk Life Experience Platform Enriches Lives; Promotes Greater Control of Personal Data and Content

-Beanstalk is a life experience platform that provides personal and business growth opportunities, while also offering greater protection of personal data and higher control of the content they receive-

SALT LAKE CITY, February 22, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Thanks to the new Life Experience Platform from Beanstalk LLC, ( it’s now possible to attain higher levels of enrichment achievement from social media activities, while also retaining full control of the content you receive and the personal information you share.

The vision for Beanstalk™ is to build the world’s largest life experience platform that empowers participants to live their best lives…better. At its core, Beanstalk is a positive and enriching platform that encourages users to experience their lives more deeply, and to see the value of supporting one another through positive online interactions. Beanstalk changes the way we see and support each other, and in the process, is also changing the world.

Additionally, Beanstalk, and its sister company Life Enhancement Media LLC ( are dedicated to returning full control of content and personal data to every individual, thereby also increasing their protection and financial success.

The Challenge

Most people have grown tired of divisive social media, and of media powerhouses who exploit contention, and who attempt to exert inappropriate and even absolute control over data, algorithms, privacy, and profits.

Increasingly, the use of social media and the power to give and receive content and personal information is becoming more important to individuals, to our collective culture and even to the world economy. However, the result has been a glut of information that is difficult to navigate and can easily misuse online participants’ time and attention for marketing, manipulation of thinking, or even improper use of personal data. Beanstalk’s mission is to ensure that the content you receive is exactly what you desire, and that your personal information is exactly that – personal and your own, and is subject to your choice, in every instance, of how it is used.

As online interaction becomes integral to our lives, the people who interact through the internet crave true connection. They are seeking humor. Positivity. Reliable information. They prefer information and engagement that fosters Growth, Safety, and above all, COMMUNITY. Beanstalk answers these needs through a platform that is built to encourage personal growth in a safe environment that instead of detracting from and debasing our human experience, showcases and encourages the goodness in all of our lives.

The Beanstalk Opportunity: Live your best life…better

In current implementations, Beanstalk introduces greater ways to "do social media" for life enrichment, for shared experiences, and for the chance to be enriched in more ideal ways through the exact information you would like to receive. As a user, imagine the value (and the power) of receiving ideal information at the right time to meet your unique and individual interest. As a business, imagine the power in being able to target users with absolute precision, timing, and relevant offers, all with their explicit consent.

This is the future Beanstalk is advancing through a new and unique taxonomy being used in more than 200,000 experiences that are populated in the platform so far and growing in number daily. This allows new users to interact with the platform from Day 1. In this paradigm, users have full choice and control over the information they receive, the nature of the material they receive from news organizations and the advertisements they receive. Likewise, consumers receive increasingly stronger satisfaction and benefit when the information they share is shared further or leveraged only with their permission.

The result is safer online environments, better opportunities, better outcomes, and better lives. Simultaneously we receive greater protection from manipulation intended to unfairly monopolize markets, to instill bias or to control behavior in undesirable ways.

In all, Beanstalk’s paradigm is the return of personal choice and personal information’s power to the individual, for the enrichment of all. This new paradigm and the technology that supports it is advancing rapidly in beta implementations as the company finalizes its initial Life Experience product and formalizes key partnerships in preparation to expand at scale during 2023 and beyond.

About Beanstalk

Beanstalk LLC is a division of Life Enhancement Media LLC, a privately held company registered in the State of Delaware with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, that is focused on life enrichment and higher satisfaction from social media platforms through greater ability to select and control the information we receive and share.

Beanstalk’s "why" is the return of this control and ownership to individuals, to optimize success in the ways an individual defines it, and to increase success and satisfaction from receiving and sharing information for personally defined and appropriate use. For more information about the Beanstalk’s unique taxonomy and licensing or investment opportunities visit

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Amber Johnson, Beanstalk

Cheryl Conner, SnappConner PR