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Beauty Veteran Mike Indursky Launches Natural, Sustainable Skincare Brand to Challenge Industry Norms: Introducing HEAR ME RAW

NEW YORK, Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Beauty and wellness veteran Mike Indursky is shaking up the skincare industry with HEAR ME RAW. With a mission of honoring women by doing what's best for their skin, health, budget and environment, HEAR ME RAW is a new line of super effective, multi-purpose skincare that's powerful, natural, sustainable and beautiful. 

HEAR ME RAW is a new line of super effective, multi-purpose skincare that’s powerful, natural, sustainable and beautiful.

"I've been working in the beauty industry for over 25 years, and brands are still using ingredients that shouldn't go on skin, in packaging that isn't sustainable, making claims that can't be kept, with prices that are too high for products people don't need," states founder and CEO, Mike Indursky. "Our vision is to change the industry towards a foundation of doing what's best for people's health, happiness, wealth and world around us."

HEAR ME RAW approaches beauty with The Art of Raw – an ethos consisting of Raw Materials + Raw Truth + Raw Love. "We believe that 'clean' isn't enough," says Indursky. "We're not just 'clean' but also sustainable, affordable, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and worry free." The effective multi-purpose treatments streamline skincare with a panoply of carefully selected plant and earth-borne ingredients to compound or complement one key ingredient to maximize results.

HEAR ME RAW's unique refill packaging system follows the 3 R's of sustainability. It Reduces with multi-purpose capabilities, reusable glass jars and durable lids, and eliminates wasteful plastic discs, spatulas and other packaging items. It Reuses jars and lids with specially designed Refill Pods and Recycles with cartons made from recycled paper and with all packaging items recyclable. This system uses 88% less overall packaging, 90% less plastic and 94% less glass than the typical beauty product over three years. At $42 for the jar and $32 for the refill, HEAR ME RAW users save almost 25% a year on skincare products while feeling good about making eco-friendly beauty choices.

The brand's products and ethos are at the forefront of mindful beauty offering the very best without compromise, proving that skincare can be powerfully effective and be natural, sustainable, beautifully packaged and affordable. HEAR ME RAW launches January 15th, 2020 with two products. The Brightener with Chlorophyll+, the original oxygenator and energy source for all living things, is a 10-minute mask and/or daily cleanser that naturally vitalizes and brightens skin. The Detoxifier with Charcoal +, formulated with charcoal to remove skin impurities, is a 15-minute mask and/or daily scrub that uniquely rubs off to exfoliate, polish, and detoxify skin.

"Just selling skincare isn't enough," says Indursky. The website's Beauty + Being blog offers advice, tips and news on how to live a happier, more sustainable life. HEAR ME RAW is also partnering with organizations, including Global Citizen and the Women's March, who share a mission of gender equality and guarding the environment. HEAR ME RAW's team is rallying for these values at the Women's March in NYC on January 18th. For more information, visit hearmeraw.com or follow at @hearmerawbeauty.

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