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bebe stores, inc. Annual Shareholder Meeting Election of Directors


bebe stores, inc. (BEBE) (the “Company”) held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Los Angeles, California, on February 26, 2019. There were 11,374,111 shares of common stock outstanding and entitled to vote at the meeting as of the record date, January 24, 2019, and of such shares, there were 7,264,316 shares present in person or represented by proxy at the meeting. Therefore, quorum was present.

The following directors were elected to the Company’s Board of Directors and will serve until our next annual meeting or until their respective successors are duly elected and qualified:

Nominee     For     Against     Abstentions     Broker Non-Votes
Manny Mashouf     7,254,216                 10,100
Corrado Federico     7,254,216                 10,100
Darrin Klotz     7,254,216                 10,100
Nick Capuano     7,254,216                 10,100
Kenny Young     7,254,216                 10,100

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