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Because Life is Complicated Enough: Investview Enters Robo Trading Sector

Salt Lake City, UT, Feb. 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Investview Corporation (INVU) has entered the automated trading industry through its wholly owned subsidiary SAFE Management LLC.

INVU:Investview Enters Robo Trading Sector

Investview has entered the trade automation space with the launch of two new robo trading products offered through its wholly owned Registered Investment Advisor: Safe Management LLC (“Safe”) and made available to customers of Kuvera financial education services (Kuvera is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview).   The launch of the two products is a ground-breaking event for both SAFE Management and robo trading for the following reasons:

  •  A registered investment advisor, SAFE Management can now make investments on behalf of the subscriber to the trading signals and research products of a non-regulated publisher and direct marketer, Kuvera.
  •  Put and call options and alternative investments can now be made by an investment advisor, SAFE Management for a robo trading strategy.   
  •  Investments in privately held startups can now be made by a registered investment advisor, SAFE Management for the benefit of individuals who desire to participate in new venture startup opportunities.

“Our desire is to bring the power of technology to the individual investor through a fully compliant model,” said Annette Raynor, SAFE Management.

With the Kuvera/SAFE combination, Investview has become a fintech play.  Robo Trading and Robo Advisory is among the fastest growing products and services categories in the financial services industry.  Statista is projecting that the assets that the robo investment industry has under management will grow from $426 billion in 2018 to $1.4 trillion in 2022.  Statista has also projected that the number of investors utilizing a Robo trading strategy instead of a human will almost double from 6.6 million in 2018 to 12.7 million by 2022.  The amount that the average robo account will have by 2022 will be $111,000 as compared to $65,000 in 2018 according to Statista.

The Automated Products

SAFE Management engaged Choicetrade as the brokerage firm to enable the automation of the specified trading strategies. 

Equity Pro Alerts - Requires a minimum investment of $5,000 and exclusively utilizes diverse options trading strategies ranging from simple puts and calls to credit and butterfly spreads.   From January 29, 2018 through January 31, 2019, Equity Pro Alerts initiated 24 put and call positions.  For the period, according to the results of a live trading account, 21 of the positions increased by 24.5% to 108.3% and three positions declined from 43% to 100%.   Equity Alerts have been provided by Kuvera since 2013 and have provided annual double digit returns each year with the exception of 2017 where ROI was slightly above 1%.

Wealth Builder - Requires a minimum investment of $2,500.  90% of account balance is used to trade the signals of the Bull & Bear Tracker, a trend trading algorithm that exclusively trades S&P 500 ETFs.  One percent of the account balance each month is invested to build a diversified portfolio of privately held startups which are listed on SEC funding platforms and broker dealers.  

Since the ETFs which are traded are triple leveraged and include an inverse ETF the return for each signal can be equivalent to three times the increase or decrease of the S&P 500.  For the December 4, 2018 through January 31, 2019 period for which the automated signals were traded in a live trading account the net return based on closed transactions was 21.3%.  For more about the Bull & Bear Tracker including its performance statistics for 2018 go to www.BullBearTracker.com.          

 “Our entire team is excited to bring trade automation to the individual investor. By sourcing and vetting strong trading strategies and creating a platform that automates the trades on behalf of the SAFE client, we are truly bringing the next level of convenience to the consumer. Our model establishes Investview as a solid player in the fintech sector. The valuations of other companies in this sector including Betterment and Wealth Front being over $500 million bode well for Investview’s valuation to increase significantly as we continue to offer new automated valued added products.  We are also very excited about the Wealth Builder automated trade strategy.  It’s now our most scalable offering since it trades the S&P 500 while enabling millennials and small investors to leverage their returns from algorithmic trading to fund venture capital investments,” said Annette Raynor, COO of Investview and IAR for SAFE Management.

About Investview, Inc.

Investview, Inc. is a diversified financial technology organization.  The Company operates primarily through its wholly- and majority-owned subsidiaries, to provide financial products and services to individuals, accredited investors and select financial institutions. www.investview.com

About SAFE Management LLC

SAFE Management LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investview Inc. and provides specialized advisory services to individuals who want to maintain an active role in their investment decisions. We are dedicated to assisting investors in exploring strategies and new markets that align with their goals. Automated trade services are provided to individuals through investment education programs and are not made available to the general public. Clients who desire to work with us directly require a minimum account size of $100,000. U.S. www.safeadvglobal.com

About Kuvera LLC 

Kuvera LLC provides affordable access to valuable financial education, current market research and cutting-edge technology that enables individuals to increase and cultivate their own financial resources, enjoy life and plan for the future.   

Kuvera products are distributed through a direct sales model.  Product services are offered to individuals on a monthly subscription basis. Kuvera is classified as a publisher of financial research and information and exempt from securities registration.  This is an exemption provided in the U.S. Securities Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Kuvera is not a brokerage firm or Registered Investment Advisor.  We do not execute trades or take possession of clients’ brokerage accounts. Our customers may cancel their subscription at any time and execute trades at their own discretion.   www.kuveraglobal.com

Forward-Looking Statements

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