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BecomeACanadian: Immigration Will Soon be Canada's Only Source for Growth

THORNHILL, Ontario, June 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

By 2034, immigration will account for 100 percent of population growth in Canada. As the number of retirees leaving the work force, it's expected to exceed the number of births.

"There are several good reasons to move to Canada, which can be summarized by one word - opportunity! People who immigrate to Canada have access to many amazing opportunities that are the envy of the rest of the world," stated BecomeACanadian experts.

If Canada were to shut its doors to immigrants completely, its labor force and economic growth would shrink significantly. A report by The Conference Board of Canada estimates that economic growth would slow to an average of 1.3 percent annually.

"Our goal is to help more families have the opportunity to enjoy the high standard of living that Canada has to offer. Our immigration experts are dedicated to helping people achieve their dream of living in Canada," added a BecomeACanadian director.

Canada welcomes over 300,000 immigrants every year. By 2020, 1 million immigrants are expected to move to the country, which is ready to welcome them with open arms.

"While it's unlikely that Canada would stop immigration completely; however, building this scenario helps us better understand the contribution of newcomers," said Kareem El-Assal, Senior Research Associate, The Conference Board of Canada.

The "Canada 2040: No Immigration vs. More Immigration" report shows that in a no-immigration world, Canada's population would age more rapidly. By 2040, 26.9 percent of the population would be 65 and over.

"Canadian permanent residents have the opportunity to enjoy one of the highest standards of living on the planet. Also, Canada is often ranked #1 for their quality of life," added a BecomeACanadian director.

Currently, immigration accounts for 71 percent of Canada's population growth and has accounted for as much as 90 percent of labor force growth in recent years.

"Boosting immigration to some 400,000 immigrants per year by the early 2030s would help to keep Canada's population, labor force, and economy growing at a modest rate," a BecomeACanadian specialist explained.

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