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Beer Company Slammed On Facebook For 'Homophobic' Billboard

Laura Stampler

A new billboard from New Zealand's Tui beer has sparked outrage on the company's Facebook page for being "disgusting," "homophobic," "creepy," and an overall "disgrace."

Tui marketing manager William Papesch explained in a statement that "g iven the recent passing of the Same Sex Marriage Bill in Parliament," the beer maker thought it was a good idea to make a billboard that reads, "Dad's new husband seems nice. Yeah right."

tui beer homophobic billboard

Screengrab Yahoo NZ Video

‘‘Our intention ... was to highlight the common situation or uncertainty experienced when someone’s parent remarries," Papesch continued. "T his ‘Yeah Right’ line is a topical spin at the age-old situation of a parent's new partner.’’

To which many critics are saying, "Yeah right."

Although BuzzFeed notes that Tui probably didn't mean any harm, the provocative "Yeah right" tagline has run for ages and been paired with other controversial statements like "Let's take a moment this Christmas to think about Christ," and many were still offended.

While the company's Facebook page might say it is "for fans who LOVE all things Tui," fans were posting comments that showed a little more hate:

To which Tui began responding:

Although Tui's response thanking fans for talking about the ad was also posted on comments praising the brewer and telling critics to toughen up and that the "complainers" are the problem. 

Some companies' marketing strategies revolve around crossing the line. Did this one go too far?

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