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Behind the scenes of NYFW from two beauty bloggers

Afua Nuro

Beauty bloggers Anastasia Karanikolaou and Chantel Jeffries dropped by BUILD Series NYC to talk about their involvement with Maybelline. Each of the ladies have been a part of fashion week numerous times and have many stories to tell about the massive event. The two also spilled some of the unfortunate things that have happened to them during NYFW.

For example, Anastasia Karanikolaou recalls a very uncomfortable moment in the back seat of a car while she was going to different fashion week events.

"I had to change four times in the back of an SUV, and I had nothing to cover myself. I was watching the driver, and I was like 'I'm changing don't look!'"

Chantel Jeffries broke it down for all of us NYFW rookies why some people would change five times in one day to attend different NYFW shows.

"When you are going to the shows you are wearing clothes from that designer, or a piece by the designer. So when you are charging shows you have to change your outfit."

Karanikolaou is a pro at fashion week, having been a part of them for several years. She already has an idea on how she would create her own fashion show if she were a designer.

"I would maybe have a performance or something unexpected because I noticed that is something that really sticks with you. For example last night I went to a show, and they brought out LeBron and Scottie Pippen, and that was something where everyone is really talking about it. It brings more attention to something that someone who isn't into fashion would care about."

NYFW events have already started and will continue until September 14th.