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See The Shenanigans Going On Behind-The-Scenes Of 'The Hangover III'

Kirsten Acuna

"The Hangover III" won't be out until May 24 of next year, but we're starting to get an idea of what Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms will be up to in the latest sequel.

Director Todd Phillips has uploaded a bunch of photos from the set featuring the Wolfpack to Instagram.

From the looks of the photos–and a synopsis Warner Bros. released back in September–the gang is setting off on a road trip with a pit stop back at Caesar's Palace from the first film at some point along the way.

Check out the photos below:

Here's a shot of Stu, Phil, and Doug at what looks to be a funeral. If that's the case, this is probably how the film starts out since Warner Bros. released the film doesn't begin with a celebratory-like event.

According to Phillips, here's a shot of Cooper from Day 31 of filming.

It looks like John Goodman and Justin Bartha (Doug) are in on the trip, too.

There's Caesar's in Las Vegas.

That could be a shot of Ken Jeong's (Mr. Chow) stuntdouble in the background or it could be Peter Chao who's rumored to be Chao's son on IMDB.

Letting Alan drive is probably a poor decision. Letting Alan drive a convertible is a worse decision.

Galifianakis always wears one stand out outfit in every film. 

Could this be Alan and Doug (or Phil) in the pig masks?

One more shot of the group:

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