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Belaruskali to boost Oct sales by up to 100,000 T - trading arm

MINSK, Oct 22 (Reuters) - Belarusian state potash producer Belaruskali plans to boost sales by up to 100,000 tonnes month-on-month in October, the firm's trading arm told Reuters, a bid to build up trading momentum after the collapse of a Russia-Belarus joint venture.

Belaruskali has had to form a new strategy since the breakup of a sales alliance with Russian potash giant Uralkali in July, which threatened to push the global potash price down as much as 25 percent in the second half of 2013.

Belaruskali sold 350,000 tonnes of fertiliser in September and plans to increase sales to between 420,000 and 450,000 tonnes in October, said Irina Savchenko, a spokesman for the firm's trading arm said on Tuesday, declining to name prices.

The Uralkali-Belaruskali joint venture sold 410,000 tonnes of Belaruskali's production in October 2012.

In July, Uralkali said it expected global potash prices to fall to below $300 per tonne in the second half - from $400 at that time - because of its decision to leave the alliance.

The company has since changed its mind and, citing robust global demand, expects prices to stay above $300, but has said that attempts by Belaruskali and other producers to place volumes could put pressure on prices.

Savchenko denied Belaruskali's trading arm, the Belarusian Potash Company's (BPC's), bid to boost sales would weaken the market.

"BPC is a disciplined company. We are in no way lowering prices or dumping," she said.