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Belkin Marketing strategic partnership to take Next Earth to the next level!

·4 min read

NFT based, transparent digital land purchasing. Instantly buying selling land, directly from your wallet.

Budapest, Hungary, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) Blockchain technology remains one of the most exciting innovations to date, revolutionizing whole concepts in the modern world. It has influenced entire sectors and industries all over the world. The introduction of cryptocurrencies has also fostered new inventions in the financial sector. The digital land ownership sector is the latest to benefit from the novel ideas of blockchain technology.

Next Earth aims to help its users buy and sell digital land from anywhere around the world. Next Earth incorporates blockchain technology into the field of digital land ownership, making it more accessible to anyone with an internet connection.

The Next Earth project also incorporates other blockchain utilities such as DeFi, NFTs, DAO, and Metaverse to offer more flexibility to its early adopters.

Collaboration between Next Earth and Belkin Marketing

Next Earth partners with Belkin Marketing as its content and blockchain marketing partner. This healthy collaboration promises huge potential because both parties regard content marketing as the soul of a growing brand. As a startup with an upward trajectory, Next Earth recognizes the role of solid connections and content marketing strategy, areas where Belkin Marketing has excelled over the past years.

“Many new-crypto projects focus on short-term marketing tactics aimed at instant gratification. However, they fail due to a lack of foresight and brand building for long-term success. Next Earth isn’t one of them. Brands are built, not shilled.” - Yaroslav Belkin, CEO, Belkin Marketing.

Belkin Marketing regards decentralization as a core value and only partners with the projects that share a similar vision. Belkin Marketing provides a fix-all solution for blockchain and crypto platforms. Its effective consultation, strategic views, and extensive connections make it a reliable choice for different businesses.

Content Marketing

Belkin Marketing has deeper connections with several Redditors, Telegram Groups, Media Houses, and real community enthusiasts. From Cointelegraph to Ameer Rosic, there is not a person Yaroslav Belkin cannot reach personally. Belkin Marketing’s connections make it more influential and effective in producing positive results. In the era of digitization, where digital and social media have strong impacts on decision-making, Belkin Marketing has a high chance of spreading the word of Next Earth through impactful strategic marketing campaigns.

Being an extension of an innovative idea, Next Earth benefits from the expertise of Belkin Marketing and its connections. It can market the novel idea of Metaverses and virtual properties to the right audience, translating to higher conversion and users on the platform. It will act as a launchpad for Next Earth, highlighting its focal points and core idea on which the platform is built.

Innovation of the crypto and blockchain network

The growth of the crypto industry and the invention of NFTs present an excellent opportunity for Next Earth to generate traction to the prospects of virtual land ownership, which is also a class of NFTs. The concept of virtual lands differs significantly from traditional investments and assets. These virtual lands are easier to buy and sell, and they are also more accessible via the internet. It is surely a deal for now and the future, especially as the scope of the blockchain increases.

Next Earth has a lot to offer, but its metaverse project is undoubtedly one to keep an eye on. It provides opportunities to its users that cannot be matched anywhere else. This competitive advantage makes it a sure-bet to attract and keep users on the platform. Next Earth values knowledge and innovation, and it rewards users with programs geared at maximizing profit.

On the other hand, Belkin Marketing will help Next Earth achieve its desired levels and status within the industry. It will also help the platform to build connections with top-end brands and giants in the industry. Moreover, Belkin Marketing has experience running influential content marketing campaigns using audios, videos, animations, slides, infographics, and so on to help startups to build strong online presences.

Belkin Marketing has a record for helping startups achieve a credible status with consumers and high regard within the industry. This partnership promises to help both parties achieve their long and short-term objectives. The future looks good from this vantage point.


Gabor Retfalvi