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Bella Thorne combines blue eyeliner with leather pants and a mesh bodysuit: Photos

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

We just can't keep up with Bella Thorne's style! ("Style" being, of course, objective.)

The 19-year-old hit up a New York Fashion Week afterparty on Thursday in a truly puzzling getup: Thorne layered a mesh bodysuit over a black bra, then topped off the look with a heavy red jacket and blue eyeliner. The more you look, the more there is to wonder: Why the plastic sunglasses at night? Are those cross-shaped earrings?

Check out Thorne's look in the video above: A natural redhead, it's unclear whether Thorne was wearing a wig or just rocking her real hair. The actress is known to don wild wigs and extensions.

Thorne arrived at NYC's Up & Down more than happy to pose for the paparazzi: She strut her stuff right on the street, allowing photos from all angles.

Earlier in the day, Thorne wore an oversized t-shirt as a dress. The mesh-backed shirt showed off her black underwear, and she wore the same red plastic sunglasses. (Again, at night.)