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Beloved 'Walking Dead' Character's Death Distracts From Another Dark Reveal

Bill Bradley

The Walking Dead” suffered a devastating loss that’s not grrrreat, while hints of another dark moment are on the way.

King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) had a rough episode on Sunday. After waking up and learning that basically all of his army had been killed by Savior guns and that he had a leg wound that made it difficult to walk, the king was captured by this very Jeffrey Dahmer-looking Savior.

It was hard to take that guy seriously, but pretty soon Jerry (Cooper Andrews) came in and sliced the Savior in half, saving the king. Of course, the rescues didn’t end there.

Next up, Carol (Melissa McBride) saved Jerry and the king from walkers, and then all three of them are saved from toxic waste walkers by Ezekiel’s tiger, Shiva. Shiva did her best to fight the zombies off, but, unfortunately, a CGI tiger probably takes a lot out of the show’s budget, so she had to go. In the end, zombies swarmed her, and it was bye-bye, Shiva.