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Benutech Inc., Offers ReboConnect, Affordable Data Available to 3rd Party Real Estate Tech Vendors

ReboConnect's "Scholarship Program" eases the struggle for affordable Real Estate Data needed by today's RETech Entrepreneurs to develop state of the art tools of today and tomorrow!

COSTA MESA, Calif., March 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Benutech, Inc. – http://www.benutech.net creator of ReboConnect, a seamless Nationwide API data integration system for Industry Sponsors who are willing to subsidize the flow of Real Estate data to 3rd party vendors in the Real Estate Technology Space. The ReboConnect "Scholarship Program's" purpose is to "Level the Playing Field" providing access and affordability for entrepreneurs designing the future of Real Estate Technology. This integration stimulates Innovation, which results in a number of tools and services that will improve the Industry and allow Agents, Brokers, and Brands to flourish in the changing technological environment. 

Benutech Inc. is excited to announce they are currently offering an Exclusive "Charter Membership" to Vendors or Brokerages providing their own Tech Tool Suite to their Agents. Benutech Inc.'s, ReboConnect, will undoubtedly encourage and assist Entrepreneurs designing the future of Real Estate Technology, allowing unprecedented access to data, by all 3rd Party Real Estate Technology Vendors.

"It is our intent, to generate real progress among the developers designing the Real Estate Technology of the future, by making available to them, the Data previously unavailable because it was cost prohibitive or saved for "The Big Boys"... states, Eric Bryant, Director of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships for Benutech, Inc.

Benutech possesses the most diverse and complete set of Data currently available to the Real Estate Industry including: Property Data, Life Event Data, and Financial Data. By offering ReboConnect, the real estate technology developer has the comfort of affordable options that will allow them to grow their business.

About Benutech, Inc.

Benutech, Inc. was founded in 2010 with the commitment and dedication to revolutionizing the Real Estate industry through the creation and implementation of the most advanced and intuitive technological platforms in the industry. Benutech, Inc. offers a sharp and unparalleled approach to providing the industry with both innovative technology and elegant data solutions. We take on the viewpoint of our clients and their needs and from there, we build the tools needed to grow the most streamlined, efficient, and productive business model available. 

For more information, please contact Eric Bryant, 562.374.3226, eric.bryant@benutech.com

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