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Beroni Group, a Global Biotechnology & Life Sciences Company, is the First Company from The National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) to Begin Trading on the OTCQX

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beroni Group Limited ("Beroni" or the "Company") (BTG) (BNIGF), is pleased to announce that its Australian shares which are listed on the NSX can now be traded on the OTCQX and settled through the DTCC clearing services in the US market.  

Jacky Zhang, Executive Chairman and CEO said, "Beroni Group is the first company from the National Stock Exchange of Australia to begin trading on OTCQX on April 29, 2019. We are an international biotechnology company and have a business presence in the three largest biotechnology markets in the world, namely USA, Japan and China. It is important that our shares can be traded and settled in the US market which will provide the opportunity for US and international investors to participate in our medical research and clinical trials for potential new high growth biomedicine products. We have strong collaboration with many scientists and universities around the world and will make use of our resources and networks to develop new technologies in precision medicine."        

About Beroni Group Limited (BTG) (BNIGF)

Beroni Group is an international biotechnological company listed on the National Stock Exchange of Australia and on the OTC markets in the USA. It currently has four core businesses - cell therapies, developing new anti-cancer drugs, e-commerce platform for pharmaceutical and healthcare products, and detection & diagnosis of infectious diseases.

Beroni Group’s overall strategic goal is to become a world’s leading enterprise in the biotechnology, life sciences and environmental science industries.

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