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Best Ad Of The Day: 'Men-Only' Vodka From Maximus

Christina Austin

To show off their masculinity, most men don't choose flavored vodka. Maximus Vodka wants to take a stand on that issue with its new ad campaign centered around a "vodka for men" theme and the tagline "rise and conquer." The point: Maximus only does vodka flavored vodka.

The campaign for the Polish vodka was created by W+K London, with illustrations by Mort K ü nstler, an artist famous for his depictions of American historical events. Kunstler also had a sideline as an illustrator of pulp sex 'n' adventure novels, which the Maximus campaign harkens to.

The theme is deliberately campy: according to Maximus' website, the new vodka is for the type of man who, when a storm is coming, will " stare into the howling winds and blow back the tempest with a roar."



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