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BEST Bluetooth Headphones and Over 55% off Deals on Wireless Headsets Revealed

PROS and CONS of Top 10 Bluetooth Headphones and 10 Tech Specs to Consider Before Buying a Pair of On-ear/Over-ear Stereo Headsets Discussed

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 23, 2014 / There are well over a hundred models of Bluetooth headphones in the current marketplace. Unfortunately, many of these are plagued with (i) imbalanced bass, mids and treble, (ii) frequent Bluetooth connection drops, (iii) poor noise reduction/isolation, (iv) lack of a built-in-mic for cell phone conversations, and/or (v) bad design resulting in poor fit.

This Review of the 10 BEST Bluetooth Headphones makes it easy for the non-techie consumer to eliminate such low-quality headsets and to pick a high-quality pair of BT headphones.

"Most Bluetooth headphones out there are bass heavy and treble heavy, whereas mids are virtually non-existent. Cordless or not, you don't want a mediocre pair like that" says Ruby Reynolds, a co-author of the above best Bluetooth headphone Review.

Go to WWW.Headphone.Deals/Best-Bluetooth-Stereo-Headphones for detailed reviews and current deals on top rated wireless headphones of 2014-2015. This Top 10 list includes 5 over-the-ear BT headphones and 5 on-ear models.

In the on-ear headphone (supra-aural) category, Bose SoundLink, MEElectronics Air Fi Runaway, 66 Audio BTS, Jabra REVO, and Swage by Rokit Boost Bluetooth headphones take the top spots. In the over-ear (circum-aural) category, Parrot Zik, Sony MDR10RBT, Bose AE2w, Photive BTH3, Kinivo and Sennheiser MM 550-X Bluetooth noise-cancellation headphones were selected as the best wireless headphones.

The above ranking of BT headsets is based on over 10 tech specs. (i) audio quality, (ii) level of noise cancellation/noise isolation, (iii) comfort level, (iv) ability to connect to multiple devices at the same time, (v) near field communication (NFC) support, (vi) battery life, (vii) ability to function even after the battery dies, (viii) automatic switching between phone calls and music, (ix) availability of Apps for iPhones and Android phones, and (x) wireless range are some of the most important tech specs considered.

"While some of these specs are important for all headphone users in general, others are only important to certain groups of users" adds Reynolds. For example, audio quality is important for nearly everybody. Although not of audiophile quality, Parrot Zik headphones, are one of the better Bluetooth headphones when it comes to sound quality. In contrast, active noise cancelling (ANC) is not something every listener needs. ANC headphones like the Bose QuietComfort 25 can be useful for frequent travelers, but not to those who prefer to listen to their favorite songs in the comfort of their bedrooms. The ability to wirelessly connect to multiple devices simultaneously may also not be important to everybody. It only becomes important when one wants to automatically switch from listening to music on their tablet computer (e.g. Apple iPad) to answering a phone call on their cell phone (e.g. iPhone). However, the ability to connect the headphones to a non-Bluetooth device using a cord (via a 3.5mm jack) can be useful to almost everybody. Headphones that can't do this have to be put away until their battery is recharged, before listening to any more music on them.

Some manufacturers like to decide that theirs are the best headphones based on specifications like the diameter of the neodymium magnet drivers (e.g. 20 - 40 mm), frequency response, sensitivity (e.g. 99 dB) and impedance (e.g. 38 ohms). However, Reynolds warns that one should not get too bogged down with these numbers. For example, certain manufacturers claim that their Bluetooth earbuds are the best because their frequency range is 4Hz to 32,000Hz while that of their competitor's is only 20Hz - 22,000Hz. However, this has no scientific basis because the average human ear cannot hear frequencies less than 20Hz or over 20,000Hz. "This is why it's important to let a professional decide which is a good Bluetooth headphone pair and which is not" says Reynolds.

In addition to reviewing the best 10 Bluetooth stereo headphones, they also provide a listing of the Hottest Daily Headphone Deals. Here, they provide information on the latest deals on all kinds of stereo headphones and earbuds as well as mono, single ear Bluetooth headsets. While some of the published deals gave as much as 55% savings, others gave as little as 5% savings. The above review is a useful read for anyone looking to buy a pair of good-quality headphones.

Visit http://Headphone.Deals/ for more information.

Contact Info

Name: Ruby Reynolds
Organization: Headphone Reviews and Deals

SOURCE: Headphone Reviews and Deals