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The Best Car Rental Agency in America

When Americans go on vacation, many do so while looking for the best possible values on their accommodations and needs. Depending on their needs, that can also include the cost of car rental.

The good news for those families who are planning to make a summer getaway in the next few months is that there is a favored choice among car rental companies. Hertz was recently rated the No. 1 overall and most popular car rental company in the U.S. by Zagat’s 2013-14 Car Rental Survey. It was also ranked first overall among the eight participants in the category in terms of service, reliability and vehicles.

Some of the reasons consumers rated Hertz so favorably in many categories is likely the various types of technology and other factors that help to improve customer experiences in general, the report said. The use of text and email alerts about rental confirmations, the ability to upgrade on mobile devices, and check in and out quickly may all be vital to making the car rental experience more efficient. In addition, it also offers users two separate apps that allow them to not only control their reservations and find deals, but also plan their entire trips all from their mobile devices.

Consumers looking to book their summer vacations now should always be on the lookout for the best possible deals they can find as a means of ensuring they are doing all they can to protect their bottom lines going forward. Keeping your travels within your budget can go a long way toward preserving your finances throughout the year.

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